Twentieth Israel Symposium on Computational Mechanics





Official meeting of the
Israel Association for Computational Methods in Mechanics

An affiliate of the
International Association for Computational Mechanics

A member of the
European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences

Sponsored by
Tel Aviv University
Office of the Rector
The Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering
Department of Solid Mechanics, Materials, and Systems
Department of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

    Thursday, 23 March, 2006
Wolfson Building of Mechanical Engineering


  1. Area map.
  2. Campus map (nearby pedestrian entrances at Gates 4, 14, 16, or 17).
  3. The University train station is close to Tel Aviv University (map of railway lines). The Wolfson Building of Mechanical Engineering is about a 15 minute walk from the station (moderate climbing, mostly stairs), or take Dan bus No. 27 and get off at the first stop - Klausner (Engineering). Bus No. 112, also stops at Klausner (Engineering), but it takes longer to get there. (Please confirm the bus information with Dan.) Enter the campus on foot from Gate 14. Walk around the grey wall of the Wolfson Building of Mechanical Engineering, under the foot-bridge, and turn left up a ramp. The entrance to the Wolfson Building of Mechanical Engineering is on your left. If you're walking from the train station, you can cut across the George Wise parking lot to Gate 17. Continue past the colonnade to your right to the third building, which is the Wolfson Building of Mechanical Engineering.
  4. If you're driving, take the "Rokach" exit on the Ayalon, and follow the signs up a hill to the University. Bear right at the first round-about, and continue going north (map [JPEG | PDF]). Take the first left into the George Wise West pay parking lot just before Gate 15 (which no longer exists). The Wolfson Building of Mechanical Engineering (No. 34 in the map [JPEG | PDF]), is the northmost of the Engineering buildings. If you missed the turn into the parking lot, you will reach a second round-about. You can park at the Extra-Mural Studies pay parking lot on your right as you enter the round-about and enter the campus on foot at Gate 14, or turn around and go back to the George Wise West parking lot.


Symposium registration fees:
IACMM annual membership: 120 NIS
Reduced rates (for undergraduate students and soldiers in mandatory service):

Local Hosts and IACMM Contacts

Alex Gelfgat
Department of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
Tel Aviv University Slava Krylov
Department of Solid Mechanics, Materials, and Systems
Tel Aviv University


9:00  Registration
H. Messer-Yaron, Vice President and Dean of Research and Development, Tel Aviv University
9:30  Invited lecture: 
Modern Aspects of Finite Element Computations Using Constitutive Models of Evolutionary-type  [ABSTRACT]
St. Hartmann, Universität Kassel 
10:10  Invited lecture: 
Solving PDEs with Weighted Moving Finite Elements  [ABSTRACT]
A. Wacher, Technion 
10:50  Coffee break
11:10  Morning lecture session
Chairman: S. Krylov, Tel Aviv University
A New 3-D Brick Element for Nonlinear Orthotropic Elastic Materials Using the Theory of a Cosserat Point  [ABSTRACT]
M. Jabareen and M.B. Rubin, Technion 
FVM Based Solutions for the Displacement of High Wind Speed Foci out of Access Areas around a High-Rise Building  [ABSTRACT]
A. Herszage and Y. Banzger, Israel Electric Company 
Commercial lecture session
Unlimited Memory Systems - The Large Scale Modeling Revolution 
G. Koren, SGI (Silicon Graphics) Israel
Lunch break
IACMM council meeting
General assembly of the association
Auditing committee
14:00  Afternoon lecture session: Computational mechanics in bioengineering
Chairman: A. Gelfgat, Tel Aviv University
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Role in the Design of Bio-medical Devices [ABSTRACT]
S. Keidar, Consulting Analyst 
P-FE Analysis of the Proximal Femur  [ABSTRACT]
N. Trabelsy and Z. Yosibash, Ben-Gurion University
Real-Time Patient-Specific Finite Element Analysis of Residual Limb Stresses in Trans-Tibial Amputees during Treadmill Walking  [ABSTRACT]
S. Portnoy, G. Yarnitzky, and Z. Yizhar, Tel Aviv University; A. Kristal, U. Oppenheim, and I. Siev-Ner, Tel Hashomer Hospital; and A. Gefen, Tel Aviv University
Real-Time Subject-Specific Finite Element Model of The Buttock During Wheelchair Sitting: A Tool to Evaluate The Mechanical Conditions for Deep Pressure Sores  [ABSTRACT]
E. Linder-Ganz, Z. Yizhar, and A. Gefen, Tel Aviv University
Coffee break
Toast: “20th Israel Symposium on Computational Mechanics”
15:45  Tutorial: 
Disconitinuous Galerkin Methods [ABSTRACT | SLIDES]
P. Bar-Yoseph, Technion 
17:00  Closing

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